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It all started with a vision! Back in 2012 two young artists met and envisioned something greater than themselves. They wanted to have a modern sound that would reach the world without having to leave God out of it. The Vision was to give answers to questions many have in their hearts: “Why do we exist? What is our purpose?” Many today are seeking answers but can’t see it even if it were right in front of them. The goal is to shine a light and show them that Jesus is our creator and He made us for a purpose. We were made to glorify Him and He’s given us all that privilege. A privilege to firsthand worship and witness His glory. His creation is screaming of His existence. Do you see it?

Maybe you need Open Vision…

 ...pun intended… (John 9:25)



Founder of Open Vision. 25 years old. Hometown: McAllen, TX. Efrain is into the R&B style. Growing up he liked to listen to Mainstream R&B artists like Usher, Chris Brown, Ray J, Mario, Jason Derulo, & others. So you might hear the influence a bit in his music. He now enjoys listening to artists like: Jor’dan Armstrong, Uncle Reece, Jerrell, & Milo Vim. He believes what you listen to really influences how you behave so he tries to stay away from music that can harm him that way.


Co-Founder of Open Vision. 23 Years Old. Hometown: McAllen, TX. Jerrell brings the swagger to the group. He likes Upbeat Trap Music. Growing up He liked to listen to artists like: Eminem, Soulja Boy, T.I., & others. Now He listens to artists like: Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Jor’dan Armstrong, Trip Lee, Social Club, NF, Efrain, & MiloVim. He also believes music has an influence and tries to

use that for God.



Youngest member of the OV Gang family. 19 years old. Hometown: McAllen, TX. Milo Vim brings the new wave sound to the group. With fun melodies and colorful hair, growing up he listened to Lil Uzi Vert, lil Pump, lil yatchy, Migos and Playboi Carti. Now he listens to artist like Lecrae, 1kphew, Jor'Dan Armstrong, Social Club and Gawvi.

Milo Vim believes in order to reach this generation you must stay relevant,  while remaining authentic. God first always. 

Milo Vim